Travel Tech Woes…

Recurring technological misfortunes have been a fated aspect of my travels, it seems…

Just to give some reasons for the extended delays on my posts:

My original post on Angkor Wat vanished mysteriously after I posted it late on the night before the start of the Vippassana retreat, leaving only a title hovering over a blank page. Given that it took a considerable amount of time to write then upload the many pictures through a dubious wifi connection, it left me feeling rather discouraged.

Then, after recently writing up most of a post about the Vippassana retreat in the notes application on my iPad, the screen on my iPad informed me this morning that it has been disabled. 

This happens when the incorrect password is entered more than 6 times. I certainly hadn’t done that myself, so either one of my roommates at the hostel I am currently staying in made such an attempt, or there is some other anomalous reason it happened. Whatever the cause, I will unfortunately no longer be able to use my iPad (which I was using to do my blog writing) for the remainder of the trip, as I will need to address the issue back home.

After taking a period to witness the emotions this produced—pouty feelings in response to the loss of all the reading material I spent much time uploading onto my iPad before leaving and which I had been enjoying, as well as the inconvenience of having to use my phone if I want to continue writing blog posts—I have inevitably been lead back to the realization that all of this really isn’t so bad.

Alas, after allowing some time for my motivation to return, I now have both blog posts written out again and ready to go. 

As a postscript: I decided, in writing my second post about the Vippassana retreat, to forgo many of the details I had previously explained about the retreat and just try to cut straight the heart of my experience in meditation. My apologies if it is lacking in context.

I will publish the post on the retreat directly following this update. After giving it some breathing room, I’ll cross my fingers and see if the post on Angkor Wat will make it to the other side in tact this time—tomorrow, most likely.


One thought on “Travel Tech Woes…

  1. So great to hear from you. I am eager to hear about your meditation…….wow Sam, I am so proud of you. Sounds like these set backs are frustrating, but as usual, you are dealing with it with a great attitude. Missing you, but so very happy that you are having this experience.😘🌹


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